Digital Supply Chain

The Future of Supply Chain Management is Here

Globalisation, greater product and service variety, and innovations in IT, manufacturing and delivery models have led to several transformations in the management of supply networks. Supply networks are now more complex, posing multifaceted challenges to efficiency. Digitization of supply chains is inevitable and will significantly transform supply chains of the future – be it automobile manufacturing or online retailing. 
In this course we focus on the “digital supply chain,” the critical role of information, and the use of such information technologies. Our goal is to understand how digitization and information technology influence the performance of a firm and its supply chain. The key will be to understand the link between supply chain structures, information technology (digitization), and logistical capabilities in a firm or supply chain.


Start Date:                   Duration:               Delivery Medium:
Jan 7, 2019                        3 days                           In-Class