Indian School of Business
Ninth Annual Accounting Conference
December 18-19, 2015
9.45AM – 10.00AMOpening remarks
Sridhar Seshadri, Senior Associate Dean – Faculty and Research, Indian School of Business
10.00AM – 11.00AMPaper # 1 - Activist directors: Determinants and consequences
Presenter: Suraj Srinivasan, Harvard Business School
Discussant: Anup Srivastava, Dartmouth College
11.00AM – 12.00PMPaper # 2 - What are the economic consequences of fair value accounting?
Presenter: Chandra Kanodia, University of Minnesota
Discussant:  Sunil Dutta, University of California, Berkley
12.00PM – 1.30PMLUNCH
1.30PM – 2.30 PM
Paper # 3 - On the Disparity between Corporate Profits and Economic Growth
Presenter:  Suresh Nallareddy, Columbia Business School
Discussant: Sanjeev Bhojraj, Cornell University
2.30PM – 3.30 PMPaper # 4: Conditional earnings dispersion, uncertainty, and the macro economy and aggregate stock returns
Presenter: Gil Sadka, University of Texas, Dallas
Discussant: Shyam V. Sunder, University of Arizona
4.00PM – 5.00PM
Paper # 5 - Board Reforms and Firm Value: Worldwide Evidence
Presenter: Mingyi Hung, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Discussant:  Luminita Enache,  Dartmouth College
5.00PM – 6.00PMPaper # 6 - The Information Role of Compensation Disclosures
Presenter: Lakshmanan Shivakumar, London Business School
Discussant: Pratik Goel, Indian School of Business
6.00PM onwardsDinner at ISB Executive Housing Lobby

8.00AM – 9.00AMPaper # 7: Once bitten once shy: Learning or conservatism after audit failure
Presenter: Saipriya Kamath, Indian School of Business
Discussant: Neerav Nagar, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
9.00AM – 10.00AM
Paper # 8 - Auditor’s Liability to Third-Parties
Presenter: Suresh Radhakrishnan, University of Texas, Dallas
Discussant: Siva Nathan, Georgia State University
10.30AM – 11.30AM
Paper # 9: Can Regulators Identify and Deter Systematic Audit Quality Deficiencies among Big 4 Partners? Evidence from Korea
Presenter - Sanjay Kallapur, Indian School of Business
Discussant: Bala Dharan, Harvard Law School
11.30AM – 12.30PMPaper # 10 - Agency Environment, Innovation and Managers’ Long-term versus Short-term Focus
Presenter: Sugata Roychowdhury, Boston College
Discussant: Shailendra Pandit, University of Illinois, Chicago
12.30PM onwardsClosing remarks
Lunch at Golkonda Resorts