Indian School of Business
Tenth Annual Accounting Conference
December 16-17, 2016
Location - AC2 LT
9.45AM – 10.00AMOpening Address
Dean Raj Srivastava –  Indian School of Business
10.00AM – 11.00AMPaper # 1 - Corporate Culture: Evidence from the Field
Presenter: Shiva Rajgopal, Columbia University
Discussant: Sanjeev Bhojraj, Cornell University
11.00AM –11.30AMBreak
11.30AM – 12.30PMPaper # 2 - The Effects of Ideologically Distinct Media on Firm Behavior: Evidence from Fox News Channel Availability and the 2000 Bush/Gore Election
Presenter: Vishal P. Baloria, Boston College
Discussant: Shailendra Pandit, University of Illinois at Chicago
12.30PM – 2.00PMLUNCH - Bajaj Dining Hall
2.00PM – 3.00 PM
Paper # 3 - Shiller’s CAPE: Market Timing and Market Efficiency
Presenter:  Prem C. Jain, Georgetown University
Discussant: Prachi Deuskar, Indian School of Business
3.00PM – 3.30 PMBreak
3.30PM – 4.30PMPaper # 4: Firm Life Cycle and Real-Activity Based Earnings Management.
Presenter: Neerav Nagar, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Discussant:Partha Mohapatra, Texas Tech University
4.30PM – 5.00PM
5.00PM – 6.00PMPaper # 5 - Insider Sales under the Threat of Short Sellers: New Theory and New Tests
Presenter: Rencheng Wang, University of Queensland
Discussant: Jayanthi Sunder, University of Arizona
7.00PM onwardsDinner: ISB EH Mirror Pool

Location - AC2 LT
9.00AM – 10.00AMPaper # 6: Bank Capital and Monitoring: Evidence from Loan Quality
Presenter: Hemang Desai, Southern Methodist University
Discussant: Srini Rangan, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
10.00AM – 10.30AM
10.30AM – 11.30AMPaper # 7: Fundamental Analysis in Banks: The Use of Financial Statement Information to Screen Winners from Losers
Presenter - Partha Mohanram, University of Toronto
Discussant: Bala Dharan, Harvard Law School
11.30AM - 12.00PM
12.00PM – 1.00PMPaper # 8- Competition and the Use of Discretion in Financial Reporting: Evidence from Community Banks
Presenter: Rimmy E. Tomy, University of Chicago
Discussant: Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Indian School of Business
1.00 PM onwardsVote of thanks
Sanjay Kallapur, Indian School of Business

Lunch at Bajaj Dining Hall