ISB Big Leap Summit 2014

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) world over play a key role in country’s GDP Growth and more so in emerging economies. In India too, SMEs have played an important role powering 17% of GDP and employing almost 40% of the country’s workforce, a huge contribution by all standards. SMEs in developed economies grow multifold in short period of time and rise to become Large Enterprises. SMEs cater to large business as ancillaries as well as market their products & services to consumers directly. Manufacturing segment offers benefits of raising scale and also leverage the global market place through their OEM role with global companies.

The competitive nature of every business demands the SMEs build capacity & capabilities across functions of technology, marketing, talent management, financing, and leverage continuously new practices to modernize and expand operations into new countries. Across all these knowledge sharing & learning is the common thread and will help SMEs pursuit for ‘how to get better & more competitive.

Much has been talked about the challenges faced by the SME sector.

The need is for a converged & engaged dialogue within the eco-system players. The Big Leap is designed to provide a platform for knowledge sharing & exchange between all the players – promoters, entrepreneurs, managers, technologists, operations & financial experts.

The Big Leap Summit is an opportunity for owners, promoters, entrepreneurs, top executives, technologists, financial institutions, strategists & policy advocates to connect and discuss on how to accelerate growth for business. The summit will have leading Management Professors from International Universities and Industry Experts from Technology, Social Media, Financial Institutions and Supply Chain as speakers to share their views and answer questions of the SME industry.