BloombergQuint | November 15, 2016 Resolving Financial Bankruptcies: A Case Of Government Overreach?Mandar Kagade, Analyst at Bharti Institute of Public Policy, co-authored  an op-ed on recently released Financial Resolution & Deposit Insurance  Bill. Know More
August 17, 2016DCIL Scoping mission A scoping mission from The Government Performance Group (TGPG), Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Indian School of Business (ISB), visited Dredging Corporation of India Limited (DCIL) Head Office, Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, between August 8, 2016 and August 11, 2016. The ISB scoping mission was Know More | May 10, 2016 Flaws in the Bankruptcy CodeFlaws in the Bankruptcy Code Know More
Mint | May 02, 2016 RBI and peer-to-peer lending: One step forward, two steps backMint publishes the views of Mandar Kagade, Analyst at Bharti Institute.  Know More
April 26, 2016United Nations Development Programme ConferenceDr. Trivedi speaks at the UN Evaluation Group entitled Evaluation Fit for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Know More
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