Live Mint | December 22, 2016 Using interoperability to become cashlessMandar Kagade, Analyst at the Bharti Institute has an Oped co-authored with the erudite Sakshi Chadha. Know More
December 21, 2016Commercial Surrogacy in IndiaAnjora Sarangi, Analyst at Bharti Institute of Public Policy writes  a blog on Commercial Surrogacy in India. Know More
December 10, 2016Auditing the AuditorsProf Prajapati Trivedi’s paper, "Auditing the Auditors: Evaluating the Methodology of Performance Audits", was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: CGN: Auditors (Sub-Topic). Know More
November 29, 2016DCIL KPI Implementation Mission IIIAs a follow up to the DCIL Mission II a Bharti Institute team led by Prof. Prajapati Trivedi visited Dredging Corporation Limited Headquarters at Vishakhapatnam from November 29- to December 1, 2016. Team organized a training workshop to review the quality of MOUs between Directors and HODs. Prof. Know More
November 16, 2016DCIL KPI Implementation Mission IIAt the request of Dredging Corporation of India (DCIL) a Bharti Institute team piloted by Mukesh Bisht visited DCIL head office in Vishakhapatnam from November 16-19, 2016 to train around forty DCIL officers on Performance Management and Accountability Toolkit (PMAT) and the proposed internal MoU Know More
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