July 29, 2017CAF hosts Finance Summer Research Conference 2017The Summer Research Conference 2017, the flagship event of the Centre for Analytical Finance at the ISB, saw a selection of rigorous and topical finance research papers being presented Know More
December 21, 2015 Needed: more research based decisions from SEBIMint dated 5, January, 2016 carries a report based on a research paper authored by Professors Ram Thirumalai, K R Subramanyam along with Deepak Agrawal and Prasanna Tantri. Know More
November 11, 2015“Analysing the impact of government interventions in agriculture on consumption” Prasanna Tantri has been selected by IGC State Commissioning Board for a funding for “Analysing the impact of government Know More
November 05, 2015A 4 module specialization on Investment ManagementProfessors K.Vaidyanathan, Ram Thirumalai, Vikram Kuriyan and Prasanna Tantri (Sr.AD) & Venkatesh Ramamoorthy (Researcher) from CAF have won funds from Coursera for developing a 4 module specialization on Investment Management.  Know More
October 26, 2015 Helping the poor in consumption smoothing Prasanna Tantri, Senior Associate Director from CAF authors an article on Jan Dhan Yojana in The Financial Express. Know More
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