Academic Board

Industry involvement on several aspects of the CBA program is crucial for making it a world class program in the area of Business Analytics. The members of the Industry Advisory Council represent Indian-based global IT services, consulting companies and professional service network that help  in making the program better through several avenues. Some of the areas where they help us are:
  • Attending  two advisory council meetings every year to give feedback on the program structure, student quality, curriculum and other aspects to help make the program better.
  • Sponsoring the firm’s employee(s) to participate in the program as per the Employer Sponsorship Programme.
  • Sharing any datasets that may be useful for conducting the course work in the program.
  • Nominating senior members from their organization, on an as requested basis, to be able to come as speakers to the program either as part of the regular class or for sessions beyond the class.
  • Offering projects to the participants of the program, to be done as part of the curriculum.

Bhimasankaram Pochiraju
Sridhar Seshadri
U Dinesh Kumar
Professor- Quantitative Methods & Information Systems IIM B
Dr Shailesh Kumar
Member of Technical Staff at Google