Mitesh Vora

Briefly describe your personal and professional achievements (including recent awards/ special projects).
In the journey of the last 2 years, have been promoted to the global head of Advanced Analytics of Flex Inc. in Corporate IT, worked on major projects in Workforce, Supply Chain & IT. The Analytics knowledge has helped me open a whole new perspective of life.
Tell us about your profile prior to attending ISB and recap your professional life after ISB, including your career progression.
Before ISB, I was leading the Business Analytics team in Flex focused on descriptive & diagnostic analytics. Post ISB, focused changed to predictive & prescriptive analytics. Established the CoE in Chennai, heading the Advanced Analytics function globally.
What was the main highlight or most memorable aspect of your programme at the ISB? How do you think your time at ISB has contributed to your career and personal growth?
The program has been structured to provide a wholesome experience and knowledge. The learning from ISB has helped me in moving to the next stage in my career. Made some great friends across India.
What is the next new thing in the industry or vertical you are working in? Are there any trends that you can identify?
Being an electronics mfg. company, we are focusing on touch-less lines. The SMT machines will talk directly to computers / ML algos and decide the optimal production run. This will highly enable complex high mix-low volume runs.
If you could offer a word of advice to the current class at ISB, what would it be?
ISB has a lot of giving, professors, TA's, facilities, library, etc. Please come with open mind & ears. Act as a sponge, absorb as much as you can.

Published Date: 2016/09/02