Message from the Senior Associate Dean

It seems like yesterday when the Business Analytics programme started at ISB. From hallway conversations with faculty, staff and industry, it has come a long way to become a rigorous programme that is rated among the best in India. The credit goes as much to the school as it does to the students and employers who have embraced the program and appreciated the value delivered through it.

I feel Analytics itself has taken center stage in many ways. It is no longer the privy of a few scientists/ researchers but a powerful tool for the many. Whether it is policy or marketing or operations or finance or HR, everyone now-a-days says show me the data! My conversations with industry leaders have identified Analytics as a core skill that is needed not only for competitive advantage but also for survival in the Digital Era.

Our programme is founded on the principle of a strong industry-academia partnership. Every term the students are on-campus, we invite industry leaders to talk about Analytics applications in their business domains and opportunities for future growth. The hallmark of the program is the Capstone project where students work on real world business problems using real world data in all its messy glory!  This starts with transforming a business problem into an analytical problem, cleaning and modelling the data using various tools and techniques and finally transforming the analytical solution into a business solution.

Many new things are happening at the school such as the Open Data Camp, the Advanced Analytics Workshop, and the Smart Cities Initiative. We are undertaking a research study to explore how IT services are being transformed. This newsletter is meant to inform and engage all of you in our Analytics journey. We plan to keep you posted on research, programmes and trends in our newsletter. Please give your feedback and share with us the topics you find interesting, your experiences, and thoughts about the new initiatives.


Sridhar Seshadri

Deputy Dean Operations and Area Leader Operations Management, ISB