The comprehensive CBA curriculum provides a framework through which participants learn to enhance their management skills, expand their knowledge of Business Analytics, and gain a strategic perspective of the industry. The programme’s courses and the final project are designed around the real-world integration of business disciplines. Apart from these courses, there are preparatory courses which will have to be completed before the programme begins.

Curriculum Details* Subject to minor changes

  • Software tools in the Programme:
    R, MySQL, Python, Stata, @Risk, Simio, Tableau, XLMiner, NodeXL MeXL, Hadoop (AWS)


1) Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python
2) Probability and Statistics using R
3) Relational Database Management Systems

Term 1
1) Big Data Management
2) Business Fundamentals / Text Analytics
3) Data Collection / Data Visualization
4) Statistical Analysis 1
Term 2
1) Forecasting Analytics 1 / Simulation
2) Forecasting Analytics 2 (online)
3) Machine Learning 1 - Unsupervised Learning
4) Optimization
5) Statistical Analysis 2
Term 3
1) Financial Analytics (Online)
2) Machine Learning 2 - Supervised Learning
3) Marketing Analytics / Advanced topics in Machine Learning (Deep learning, IOT)
4) Pricing Analytics / Social Network Analysis
5) Retail Analytics (Customer Analytics  / Supply Chain Analytics)
Capstone Project