21st Century Leadership (in a VUCA world)

In today’s economy globalisation, digital technology and a new demographic are colluding to create a different environment of complexity, and are demanding new ways of thinking, leading and fostering innovation at the work place. It is no longer possible to solely rely on old ways of running our organisations, and leaders have to learn to thrive in complex and ambiguous situations.

Competitive advantage is rapidly shifting to the generation of social relevance in an open system of global networks, whose actions, decisions and interactions are beyond any management team’s jurisdiction and control. From a leadership point of view, this poses a challenge to the static and insular world-view that has shaped our very organisational form, our routines and behaviours at work, and our interactions with the external world.

Leading in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous presents a unique environment with challenges, where leaders must not only operate, but also deal with them effectively. They must learn to anticipate disruption – identify weak signals and respond immediately, proactively influence the world around them, relate to others authentically, take in new information and adjust perspectives without compromising on credibility, and scale communications for different audiences.

Designed to help leaders stay relevant and significant in today’s age, this program prepares you to develop agility, lead mindfully and inspire others in times of ambiguity.

Dates and Venue

May 21, 2018 - May 23, 2018
INR 1,75,000 plus taxes
ISB, Hyderabad Campus

Who should attend

Candidates who are seasoned executives and hold significant leadership roles in their companies, either as General Managers, Leaders of functions or business lines, or those who have direct responsibility for profit/loss. Courses are designed for upper-level Executives with at least ten years of work experience, who seek to enhance their leadership skills and management effectiveness within the context of their organisation. The leadership coaching, simulations, etc. are best suited for senior Executives who have an urgent agenda for change and support from their sponsoring companies, preferably with significant international exposure.


Core themes
• Identifying the complexities that pose, or will pose, business challenges
• Learning to deal with complexity
• Becoming aware of your cognitive and behavioural traps
• Developing the ability to be mindful
• Building the ability to lead in times of complexity and change


Professor Sudhanshu Palsule works internationally as a leadership and team building coach, educator and consultant.