Leaping Into Leadership, Mindfully

Leadership development has typically focused on acquiring the right knowledge and skills. The assumption is if one ‘knows’ and ‘does’ the right things, effective leadership is a natural outcome. ‘Knowing’ and ‘doing’ are necessary but not sufficient when it comes to impactful leadership. What matters more is ‘Being’ i.e. the way you are -as a result of how you respond to given situations

Dates and Venue

June 18, 2018 - June 21, 2018
INR 1,75,000 plus tax
ISB, Hyderabad Campus

Who should attend

  • High potential CXOs and Heads of Functions/Departments poised to take on even bigger challenges specially in growth contexts marked with speed , change and ambiguity.
  • Usually 15+ years of experience in large organizations. This may be different in new age companies or startups.


  • To accelerate the development of leadership capacity among committed participants.
  • To deepen awareness of self by using mindfulness practices
  • To enhance the impact of participants on teams and their work contexts.
  • To help participants use their ‘personal development plans’ to deliver measurable business outcomes while using mindfulness and bring to bear the whole ‘being’ to organizational tasks.


Dr. S. Chandrasekhar is currently the Professor of OB and Strategic Human Capital Management at ISB. As the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and member of the top leadership teams- Chandra has directed and steered people strategies in well-known large companies- across old and new age industries-over a career spanning 40 years (know more)

Nithya Venkataraman is a Bangalore based certified Facilitator, Coach and an Architect of leadership transformation agendas. She has spent the last 13 years in working with individual leaders, teams and organizations play from their full potential.

Beatrice Garcia is a Buenos Aires based Facilitator and Coach. Beatriz is an MBA and has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, organizational development, leadership development, sales management, change management, multi-cultural team effectiveness, as well as life and executive coaching with national and international corporations in Mexico, South America and Europe. She is also on the Faculty of Newfield Coaching Network in Asia. She specializes in the topics of body work and Somatics.