Managing Complexity for Driving Organisational Success

All companies must grow. It’s an imperative that drives them to create new products and services, enter new regions, and move into new businesses. As they expand, they inevitably become more complex. Their organisational structures develop layers upon layers, their reporting lines become tangled, and their people – from senior management through to the front line – find it harder to get work done. When time, energy and resources are spent on activities and interactions that don’t create value, complexity starts to damage a company’s performance. Complexity is in fact, a reality in today’s world.

Dates and Venue

February 12, 2017 - February 14, 2017
INR 1,20,000 plus tax
ISB, Hyderabad Campus

Who should attend

High performing CXO-level leaders, who wish to acquire the capabilities to lead organisations in today’s global environment, and take their firms to the next level.


Participants will gain a holistic approach towards dealing with complex situations caused by factors like market volatility, interdependence, ambiguity, globalisation, fragmented customer demands and their increased pressure, dealing with multiple cultures, mergers, acquisitions, alliances, etc. The programme will enable participants to adapt and respond to constant change and manage complexity without getting complicated.


Leading faculty from global business schools.