The ISB Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem for the creation and growth of enterprises.

The center seeks to contribute, both to the advancement of knowledge and the practice of entrepreneurship.  
Three overarching objectives of the centre are:

  • To create and disseminate research-based knowledge in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship that influences education, practice and policy for the emerging markets.
  • To utilize the knowledge and expertise to engage with business, government and society, and to contribute and promote entrepreneurial approaches to address socio-economic challenges of emerging markets.
  • To support entrepreneurial creation and growth aspirations in key sectors including technology commercialization in collaboration with internal and external partners.

The centre adopts a three pronged approach – Research, Education and Practise – to achieve its objectives and focus on following key areas. The Centre runs the practise initiatives through DLabs.
  • Knowledge Creation
  • Culture and Motivation
  • Access to Knowledge
  • Access to Talent
  • Access to Support
  • Access to Finance and
  • Metrics & Governance.

Centre Themes
  • Entrepreneurship:  Technology Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Managing and growing start-ups
  • Innovation: Technology Commercialization, Social Innovation and Business Model Innovation