Aruna Reddy
Senior Associate Director Aruna Reddy, Senior Associate Director, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ISB. She is responsible for developing, building and refining the ICE strategic plan to further the ISB vision and mission in the area of Entrepreneurship. She has over 17 years of entrepreneurial and professional experience with the Indian School of Business and Oracle Corporation, USA, and as a successful entrepreneur.
Monika Battala
Program Manager
Monika is an engineer by degree, with an interest in Entrepreneurship. With her global experience as a graduate of the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and a brief stint on the R&D development team at Salesforce, she helps build the technology elements at the centre.
Varun Akhnoor
Program Manager An entrepreneur and innovation ecosystem expert with market research capabilities and has worked with several Startups helping them develop innovative ideas and concepts, prototype new businesses and build organizational capabilities.
Varun comes with a rich experience of 7 years in the Industry of Entrepreneurship. Started of his career with SEECO, after which he co-founded a Startup A&G Enterprises and then moved to IIIT-H Incubation Centre helping with building the Startup ecosystem and then moved to BITS Pilani Technology Business Incubator as a Senior Manager and currently working with ISB Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Ekta Choudary
Program Manager
Ekta is an alumnus of Symbiosis Pune who comes with expansive experience in the Talent Acquisition domain. With her prior experience in organizations like UN Women and Deloitte, she is currently leveraging her skills to provide administrative support to budding entrepreneurs.
Abi Paul
Designer Abi is a Toy and Game Designer from NID Ahmedabad who enjoys the idea of ‘play’ and likes to create playful experiences in a variety of projects. With a background in Engineering and a passion for History, Physics and Psychology, he likes studying human behaviour to create effective and useful products. He also developed design thinking tool kits for education.
Aanchal Sood
Designer Aanchal is a Design Management professional whose proficiency lies is in mapping holistic design experiences. As a multi-tasker, her past professional experience has largely been focused on the Indian luxury market based on customization. She is a ‘Design Thinking in Education’ enthusiast who believes in engendering Design Thinking to revitalize school and college education.
Muzeeb Shaik
Learning Consultant A teacher by passion and an engineer by education, Muzeeb comes with an experience of over 5 years in the domain of Sales & Marketing of Engineering Products/Projects and around two years of teaching experience. Prior to joining ISB, he was doing his Masters in Engineering Management at Texas Tech niversity and also teaching at TTU.
Khizar Raizul Lah
Learning Consultant Khizar is an ex-entrepreneur who has seen different stages of business. While he holds bachelor's in engineering he is a day dreamer. With his experience, he is now helping the Centre in the working of TEP Program.
Vanaja Anubham
Centre Administrator Vanaja is a process-oriented individual with an intense interest in Management and Entrepreneurship. With an MBA in HR and Marketing, she ensures the smooth running of the ICE office by taking care of all the administrative functions.