ISB EnVision
EnVision is ISB’s annual B-Plan competition which aims to identify promising startups that are leading the charge of Innovation and Excellence.
EnVision includes two broad categories – Initiate and Advance
  • Startup Initiate includes the Student domain - Startup Initiate invites aspiring Entrepreneurs to come up with business plans for challenges we face on a day to day basis. Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Proof of Concept along with a viable business idea are encouraged to apply.
  • Startup Advance invites the startups from the selected domains. Early stage startups (In business for 6 months and above) that are operational would be under the purview of Advance. Start-ups will be evaluated on a matrix including factors like sustenance, viability of  business, profitability, innovation etc. The big prize? Access to Venture Capitalist and a chance to pitch the startup to potential investors to secure the funding to take it to the next level. Mentorship from the best in the industry to add to it. 10 outstanding startups each in the Tech and Social Innovation sub-domain will compete for the 5 spots each who to become a part of the bootcamp that follows. Startups will pitch live in front of an audience to vie for a chance.