Salsa and Bachata Workshops:

The first workshop conducted by the club was a Salsa On1 workshop for beginners. It was organized every weekend during Term 1 and enabled participants to embrace dance as a form of expressing happiness and gaining confidence. It served as a great platform to meet new people and adapt to different dancing styles. Participants were taught the basics of Salsa with some variations to empower them to dance socially.

The club also conducted a series of Bachata workshops towards the end of the year. Participants perceived Bachata to be easier than Salsa and quickly became confortable with the dance form. Professor Ed Rogers, in particular, had a great time dancing to Bachata numbers during his stay at ISB.

Bollywood Workshops:

The club organized several Bollywood workshops for the dance enthusiasts as well as beginners on campus. International exchange students loved these workshops and rocked the ISB after-parties with their ‘desi thumkas’.
These workshops involved teaching the participants choreographed steps to Bollywood songs such as Abhi to party shuru hui hai, Gulaabo, Bezubaan, etc. Both free style as well as contemporary was taught and each session saw an increased number of enthusiastic participants.

Dandiya Night:

The atrium was transformed into a traditional Gujarati setting for the Dandiya night. The bright lights, traditional decorations, and traditional Gujarati costumes available on rent attracted at least 300-350 students, faculty, and spouses on the night of the event.
Prior to the event, Dance Club organized Dandiya and Garba workshops to familiarize everyone with the basic steps of these traditional Gujarati dance forms. This built up the momentum for the main event and kept everyone’s spirits high.


Bandhan, a Net Impact Club event, was held over 6 weeks this year and culminated in a day-long event on Independence Day. Members of the Dance Club imparted life skills through dance workshops to 50 children from local NGOs. The children were taught the art of problem solving, teamwork, etc. through different activities conducted during the workshops.
The children learnt choreographed dances on multiple songs during the 6 weeks, ranging from Bollywood numbers to Telugu hits to patriotic A.R. Rahman songs. While they had a lot of fun during the workshops, they also practiced religiously to perform on all the songs on the last day of Bandhan.

Other Events:


About 40 families from Hyderabad, including many prominent business leaders, became hosts to ISB on the commencement of the AIKYA program. The opening ceremony of AIKYA was celebrated with a cultural program in collaboration with the Dance Club, Music Club, and Theatre Club. Dance Club opened the night with a mesmerizing classical solo performance. We also had members performing on popular Bollywood and Rock ‘n’ Roll numbers.


Advaita was held over an entire weekend and saw several teams from top B-schools come to campus to compete in professional as well as social events. Dance Club presented a contemporary performance to mark the closing of the first series of the day-long events.


An entire weekend dedicated to the alumni of ISB who were overjoyed to be back in school.  Dance Club organized Bollywood and Salsa workshops over the weekend to make the homecoming of our alumni fun and exciting.



A year spent dancing to express, not to impress!
A year spent spreading happiness and feeling alive!