Research Seminars

Researchers from around the world present their cutting-edge work at the ISB as often as once a week. Members of the ISB community from different disciplines attend these presentations, which makes for some lively discussion. Anyone interested in attending is welcome but is requested to contact the organiser first.

Format: 16-04-2014
Format: 16-04-2014
FinanceVenture Capital - An OverviewMarch 28-29, 2014By InvitationVenture capital is an important source of financing, particularly for young and new ventures. READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyFriend or foe or family? A tale of formal and informal plants in India March 28, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThis paper examines the interaction between formal (organized) and informal (unorganized) plants in the manufacturing sector in India READ MORE
Bharti Institute Research Seminar: Selection, Tournaments, and DishonestyMarch 14, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicWe conduct a real effort experiment in which performance is not monitored and participants are paid according to their reported performance. READ MORE
StrategyHow Do Firms Augment their Talent? A Comparative Performance Assessment of Human Capital Building and Acquiring. February 26, 2014 | Wed | 17:30For ISB CommunityFirms often augment their talent either through a human capital building strategy or a human capital acquiring strategy. READ MORE
The Size Distribution of Manufacturing Plants and DevelopmentJanuary 26, 2014 | Sun | 08:30By InvitationThe typical size distribution of manufacturing plants in developing countries has a thick left tail compared to developed countries. READ MORE
Work and Women’s Marriage, Fertility and Empowerment: Evidence from Textile Mill Employment in IndiaJanuary 25, 2014 | Sat | 08:30By InvitationWomen in developing countries are starting to join the workforce in greater numbers... READ MORE
Do Rural Roads Create Pathways out of Poverty? Evidence from IndiaJanuary 24, 2014 | Fri | 08:30By InvitationThis paper studies the impact of road provision on investments in physical and human capital in rural areas READ MORE
Heightened Sensory Consumption as a Means for Self-Worth RestorationJanuary 22, 2014 | Wed | 12:15By InvitationWe propose that consumers use conspicuous, or heightened, sensory consumption as a means of self-restoration after their feelings of self-worth… READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyTrade Liberalization in Manufacturing and Accelerated Growth in Services in India January 17, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThe role of trade liberalization on accelerated manufacturing growth has been widely studied in the literature. READ MORE
StrategyResource Interdependence And Appropriability: A Study of Product And Process Inventions January 13, 2014 | Mon | 11:00Open to PublicWe examine how interdependence enhances a firm’s appropriation of return to its inventions. READ MORE
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Format: 16-04-2014
Format: 16-04-2014