Books and Monographs

The faculty at the School has been actively disseminating research and knowledge to a larger audience through books and book monographs.

ISB’s faculty have published around 60 books in the scholarly, non-scholarly and textbook categories. Some of these works have featured in bestseller lists, such as “Grit, Guts, and Gumption” by Professor Rajesh Chakrabarti and the highly acclaimed textbook on statistics by Professor Galit Shmueli titled “Data Mining for Business Intelligence: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in Microsoft Office Excel.” 

Books and MonographsGhoshal, Tanuka., Boatwright, Peter.,Malka, Malika. "Curvature from all angles: An integrative Review and Implications for Product Design", USA, Routledge, 2015, ISBN: 978-0765647603Centre for Emerging Markets SolutionsRead Description >Close >In this article, we isolate one component of product design- shape, specifically angularity or curvature (these terms will be used interchangeably throughout the article), and review literature from various domains on this aspect. In an original study, we investigate whether people have preferences for either angular or curved products for different categories for which shape is unrelated to functionality, and also measure perceived functional and hedonic benefits. We find that angular contours positively impact perceived functionality, with some exceptions, while curved contours positively impact perceived hedonic attributes of the product across almost all categories. The impact of angularity or curvature is moderated by individual differences such as need for cognition and involvement with the category. We integrate our findings within the extant literature and discuss implications for product design and provide directions for future research on design theory.

Books and MonographsRamachandran, Kavil. "The 10 Commandments for Family Business", Hyderabad, India, Sage Publications, 2015Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family EnterpriseRead Description >Close >The purpose of the book is to discuss all the critical challenges family businesses face and understand the phenomenon of family business better. It also analyses the reasons for the complex situation they are in, and approaches to addressing them that will enable them to create wealth, material and emotional, for themselves and the society at large. The 10 Commandments discussed in the book are : • Commandment One – To Communicate and Build Trust • Commandment Two - To Professionalize your Business or Perish • Commandment Three – To Preserve and Practice Values • Commandment Four - To Manage Ownership Challenges • Commandment Five – To Redefine Role but Never Retire! • Commandment Six – To Successfully Manage Succession in Business • Commandment Seven – To Build Businesses Entrepreneurially • Commandment Eight - To Develop Long Term Business Strategy • Commandment Nine – To Give Back – Family Philanthropy • Commandment Ten - To Understand ‘Togetherness’ – Role of Consultative and Compassionate Leadership

Books and MonographsNishtha Langer, Mani, Deepa., Kannan Srikanth. "Client Satisfaction versus Profitability: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Formal Controls in Strategic Outsourcing Contracts", Springer Publishing, 2014
Books and MonographsVaidya Nathan, Krishnamurthy. "Credit Derivatives", McGrawHill Education, 2014
Books and MonographsCapon, Noel., Singh, Siddharth s. "The Marketing Toolkit (Workbook)", Wiley India, 2014
Books and MonographsChakrabarti, Rajesh. "The Financial Sector in India: An Overview", Ashima Goyal ed. Handbook of Macroeconomics in India,Oxford University Press, 2014
Books and MonographsNishtha Langer, Mani, Deepa., Kannan Srikanth. "Client Satisfaction versus Profitability: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Formal Controls in Strategic Outsourcing Contracts", Springer Publishing., Hirschheim et al. (Eds): Information Systems Outsourcing, 2014
Books and MonographsSingh, Siddharth.S., Capon, Noel.,Singh, Siddharth S. "Managing Marketing: An Applied Approach (Textbook)", Wiley India, 2014
Books and MonographsRamachandran, Kavil., Bhatnagar, Navneet. "Professionalization Efforts at Aurobindo Pharma", Hyderabad, India, 2014Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family EnterpriseRead Description >Close >This book chapter describes the professionalization challenges faced and overcome by Aurobindo Pharma, an Indian family-controlled pharmaceutical firm. Aurobindo grew from a mid-sized company to a global multinational in a span of twenty-five years. The firm implemented two distinct phases of professionalization — the first improved its operations and the second enhanced its corporate governance.

Books and MonographsHardoon, D R.,Shmueli, Galit. "Getting Started with Business Analytics: Insightful Decision Making", CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Mar 2013, Forthcoming, ISBN: 978-1439896532
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