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Durgapur, West Bengal
St. Xavier's School, Durgapur
Presidency College, Calcutta
The Indian Institute of Management, at Ahmedabad
Bangla Bhasha, (The Bengali Language)
Carlson School of Management
The Anderson School at UCLA
Faculty of Business , University of Alberta, Edmonton
College of Management, Georgia Tech
Creditwatch, India

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Mukund K. Chakravarty

Mukund Kishore Chakravarty

Professor Chakravarty grew up in Bhola, Barisal, and was educated at the Brojomohan College, Barisal, the Scottish Churches College and Presidency College, Calcutta. During a career spanning over four decades, he was a Professor of English and Principal of several colleges in Calcutta, Delhi, Kanpur, Beawar, Alwar and Noakhali. He was among the first teachers at Ramjas College, Delhi and served as Principal of Choumuhani College, Noakhali, in the tumultuous period following Partition.

About the book

"And in the long perspective of time may not the testimony of a passer-by have its value?"

----- From the Preface

'A Back Bencher's Autobiography' is not the memoirs of a celebrity. It is, however, an honest account of the life and times of a politically aware and well-traveled academician who lived and taught in a defining era for the Indian subcontinent.

It thus captures from a unique viewpoint -- that of the proverbial "common man" -- the kaleidoscope of life in British India. It describes, with moving simplicity, the beauty and grace of pre-Partition rural Bengal; early nationalism in Barisal under the leadership of Aswini Dutta; the fun, frolic and intrepid challenge of authority in Calcutta college life during the 1910's; and the founding years of the nation's capital. It provides a first-hand account of the Bengali social customs about a century ago, the politics of academic institutions and the rapid changes in all aspects of social and political life during the "modern Indian Renaissance".

In a nutshell, "A Back Bencher's Autobiography" is a unique chronicle of life in pre-independence India and Bangladesh. A must-read for anyone interested in the modern history of South Asia.



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