About YLP

I am a final year student (or recent graduate). Am I eligible to apply to the YLP?

You are eligible to apply to the regular PGP, but not the YLP. In order to be eligible for the YLP you must be in your pre-final year with at least one remaining year, necessary for the completion of your degree. Any other candidate is welcome to apply vide the regular PGP application process.

If I'm pursuing a 5-year degree, am I still eligible for the YLP?

Yes. Students pursuing undergraduate degrees that are longer than 3 years are eligible to apply. Students should apply by March of the year prior to their final year of study.

If I apply to YLP and I'm not admitted, will it negatively affect my chances of acceptance to ISB in the future?

No. If you have applied to YLP, you will be at neither an advantage nor disadvantage in comparison to other applicants.

Will the YLP guarantee me a job after graduation?

You are responsible for securing one year and nine months of employment prior to joining PGP.

Once I come to ISB, will I and the other YLP admitted students be part of a separate programme?

No. The YLP admits will be integrated into the regular ISB PGP Class once they complete 1 year and 9 months of work experience.

Which tests does the YLP accept?

The YLP accepts the GMAT as part of the application process.

How many letters of Evaluation are required at each stage?

We require one letter of Evaluation at stage 2 of the YLP application process.

What does the interview process entail?

Interviews are conducted on the ISB campus and by invitation only. If you are invited to interview, you must participate in order to complete the application process. All interviews will take place during September 2015 and will last approximately 30 minutes each.

How many rounds of application/interview do I need to go through prior to being selected?

You will need to submit online applications for stage 1 and stage 2. Shortlists will be announced at each stage. Candidates shortlisted from stage 2 will then be invited for a final selection process on campus including an interview on the basis of which the YLP admits will finally be selected.

Why am I expected to appear for another round of interviews at the end of 2 years prior to joining PGP?

The application and interview at the end of 2 years is only for the purpose of evaluating whether the YLP admit is eligible for the merit and need based scholarships. This will not have a bearing on your admission to PGP provided you have completed 1 year and nine months of work experience.