Family Business and Executive Education


The Centre offers training programmes for leaders, family members and executives of family firms which focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that these enterprises face in today’s global business scenario.

Transformation of family businesses require focused training inputs. The Centre collaborates with the Centre for Executive Education in offering short duration programmes. 

Next Generation in Family Business: Getting Future Ready

January 4 - 5, 2018

Successful leadership transition across generations is crucial for family business continuity. Family businesses that have thrived through multiple generations are the ones who invested in developing their next generation members from an early age. Capable, focused and decisive next generation members who can think independently and act tactfully, are the biggest asset for a business family. Next Generation in Family Business: Getting Future Ready is a programme that helps the next generation members master the concepts and skills required to navigate through the complexities of a career in family business or organisation they chose to serve.

The programme will provide you a comprehensive perspective of managing a family business and its complexities. It will provide you with the essential 'toolkit' of leadership capabilities and skills. Specifically, you will learn about the following:

  • Understanding Self, Family and Business: The significance of Values, Vision and Purpose
  • Leadership Skills: Managing Self and Others
  • How to be a Catalyst for Growth and Change: Initiating and Managing Change
  • How to Build Trust, Credibility, Respect for Self, Business and Family
  • Preparing for Future – Challenges and Opportunities

The programme has a carefully crafted mix of interactive sessions, case studies, group discussions and interesting exercises with peers. Beating the boredom of routine classroom learning, you are assured to get enjoyable and enriching learning experiences in all the sessions. 

Key takeaways

The programme is structured to have specific learning and development outcomes for the next generation members:

  • Build capabilities and develop yourself for an active role in family business (or the career option you decide to choose)
  • Prepare an action agenda for self-development
  • Develop leadership skills for future
  • Get a better understanding of ‘the Big Picture’: Know Your Self, Family, and Business
  • Develop confidence about your contribution to your organisation

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Women in Family Business

January 11 – 12, 2018

Tailor-made for women belonging to business families, this programme focusses on their role, and the most significant challenges they face, direct and indirect, with their family business. The programme will delve into the effectiveness of a businesswoman, and her contribution to building a long-lasting family business.

Programme focuses on

  • Unique Challenges of Managing Family Businesses
  • Family Governance, including entry, career, succession, ownership and rewards
  • Women as Family Business Owners, Directors and Executives
  • Competitive Strategy of Family Businesses
  • Performance Management in Family Business
  • Family and Business Leadership
Key Takeaways
  • Appreciation of major challenges posed due to the coexistence of family and business
  • Solutions to address some of the challenges
  • How to contribute to the prosperity of the family and business
  • An understanding of the role of the Board of Directors and how to be an effective Director
  • Competencies to be a better leader 
  • How to be a catalyst to build a lasting family business
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Family Business : Managing Growth and Transformation
Running a family business often brings in conflicts, at the interface of family and business, while exploring growth opportunities. You have to develop competitive strategies and at the same time, build internal capabilities to manage the challenges that come with adopting changes. It is not always easy for family-run businesses to transform themselves, because of lack of professionalisation and governance. Family Business: Managing Growth and Transformation is a programme that enables you to identify and understand the challenges that come with the transformation of a growing family business, and develop key skills for managing it.

This programme will sensitise the family business owner with issues related to this journey of transformation and growth and applying the tools and techniques for creating capabilities that will ensures sustained growth of the organisation. It gives the participants a holistic perspective of how to successfully manage family businesses in a competitive scenario by,  Identifying the strategic levers of your business growth and how to use them to take your organisation to the next level, Developing new insights into the challenges, processes and solutions to further professionalise your business, Reflecting on your current family business governance structure to determine how it should change to align with growth needs, Organisational transformation and institutionalisation: Strategies and processes for the journey

Centre offers this programme to Family business owners of multiple generations looking to take their business to the next growth phase. Centre organizes a separate programme for Senior members of MFAB students in association with the Centre for Executive Education. 


Perpetuating the Family Enterprise

ISB and Kellogg jointly have been offering a customised programme on “Family Business” to leaders and owners of family firms, next generation leaders of family firms, spouses, independent directors, and advisors to family firms since 2003.

Family businesses today employ half the world’s work force and generate more than half of the world’s gross domestic product. In India, as much as 71 percent of the Bombay Stock Exchange capitalisation is contributed by companies run by families. In fact, though well-governed family businesses have a competitive edge in today’s turbulent market place, their needs, problems, and prospects are often not given the kind of attention they deserve. The ISB’s aim is to make you future-ready by equipping you with knowledge to stay competitive in a global business environment.

Leadership in Family Business Programme