Sixth Asian Invitational Conference on Family BusinessFebruary 3-5, 2017By InvitationTo sensitise and build capabilities in family businesses across Asia, we at ISB, are organising the Sixth Asian Invitational Conference. READ MORE
EntrepreneurshipFamily Business - The Right Balance for your Business (Challenges and Opportunities)- FLO KolkataNovember 07, 2016 | MonBy InvitationDiscussion on succession & governance challenges in the context of leadership battle at the Tatas was discussed READ MORE
Two Generations, One Goal - then why the Road BlockOctober 17, 2016 | MonBy InvitationSession focussed on the Grid Lock which Family firms gets into and the way forward. The session was organized by YI - A part of CII READ MORE
Succession and Leadership in Family Business - Challenges and Options (PHD Chamber of Commerce - Delhi)September 26, 2016 | MonBy InvitationInsights on challenges faced by family businesses and best practices followed to maintain a successful family business have been shared READ MORE
Leadership Excellence in Family BusinessSeptember 02, 2016 | FriBy InvitationLeadership in Family Business - Challenges and Options was discussed. The session was organized by Ahmedabad Management Association READ MORE
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