The New Indian Express | September 21, 2017 Politics and the family plotFamily run businesses might have a few lessons for our political dynasts.
Knowledge@Wharton | September 07, 2017 Insolvency in India: Why Essar Group Is Digging Deep for FundsRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses the complexities of Essar Oil-Rosneft deal and the huge debt burden on the Essar group.
Entrepreneur | September 06, 2017 Will Family Businesses Jump on the e-commerce Bandwagon?The business families, while willing to enter into the sunshine sectors, are generally cautious about their reputation. 
Business Today | August 24, 2017 Need Swachh Minds for Swachh BharatRamachandran, Kavil The article emphasizes the need to redefine and restructure CSR initiatives for effective societal improvement. | August 23, 2017 If Infosys Is India's Apple, Nandan Nilekani is Our Steve JobsPromoters returning to head the companies they founded is not a new phenomenon.
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