Business Today | December 02, 2016 When Board Forget their Custodianship RoleRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses the custodianship role of corporate boards, why boards fail and how they can improve.
Entrepreneur Magazine | November 30, 2016 Why Do Family Businesses Face Hiccups in Having a Professional Leadership Team?The article discusses family business challenges in developing a professional leadership team.  Know MoreALSO FEATURED IN
India Today | November 23, 2016 Games still Remain - Tata story Ramachandran, KavilThe article talks about the fallout of the on-going leadership battle at the Tata group.
Economic Times | November 22, 2016 Key Takeaways from the Tata-Mistry TussleRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses the key lessons for family businesses from the Tata-Mistry leadership battle.ALSO FEATURED IN A MONTH ON, HERE'S LOOKING AT THE KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE TATA-MISTRY TURF WAR
Eenadu | November 22, 2016 Different Cultures, Values are ImportantRamachandran, KavilThe article reports on a session organised by the Centre on leadership challenges in building a global company.
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