Economic Times | August 15, 2017 Bottomline : Dream Big to Grow BiggerRamachandran, KavilThe article suggests Indian companies to dream big and scale up for the Indian economy to grow
Business Today | July 30, 2017 Quick Moves: How N. Chandrasekaran is restoring normalcy at Tata Group after Mistry's exitRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses how the new Tata Sons CEO is steering the Tata group.
Business Standard | July 29, 2017 Sustaining Legacy Beyond the FounderRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses the challenges and offers suggestions for sustaining the founder's legacy
Entreprenuer | June 01, 2017 What Next-Gen Owners do for Responsible Ownership Ramachandran, Kavil The article discusses how next generation members can become responsible owners of their family business. Know More
Economic Times | May 25, 2017 ET Young Leaders: How business family scions are reinventing age-old practices to blaze new trails Ramachandran, KavilThe article discusses how next generation members are reinvigorating their family businesses
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