ANALYTICS INDIA MAGAZINE | May 19, 2018 General Data Protection Regulation: What will happen to all the Micro Level Analytics?The article lists the concerns related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is coming into full effect from May 25, 2018
The Economist | May 01, 2018 Planning for Prosperity - Assessing family business future-readiness in South and South-east AsiaRamachandran, KavilThe report analyzes future-readiness of family businesses in South and South-East Asia.
April 06, 2018 The Inheritors - Book Review (Family Values)The book review by Nupur Pavan Bang critically analyses ‘The Inheritors’ by Sonu Bhasin
Federation f Automobile Dealers Association Journal | March 31, 2018 Continuity of Family Business Across GenerationsRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses continuity of family business across generations
Economic Times | March 24, 2018 How N Chandrasekaran is transforming Tata Group into a Business Intensely Focussed on Profitability Ramachandran, KavilThe article discusses the Tata group chairman's initiatives to transform the group
Economic Times | March 06, 2018 Aditya Mittal New President of ArcelorMittal Ramachandran, KavilThe articles discusses the appointment of Aditya Mittal as the president of the Arcelor Mittal group
Forbes | February 21, 2018 The Rise and Rise of Family FirmsRamachandran, KavilArticle discusses the rise of standalone family firms since economic liberalization
Business Standard | February 16, 2018 The Difficulties of Being GoodRamachandran, Kavil The article talks about the importance of adherence to values in managing a business.
Economic Times | January 01, 2018 Bajaj family starts the process to pass their wealth to younger generationRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses the ownership realignment at the Bajaj group and its implications
Economic Times online | December 25, 2017 Microfinance latest venture from Jindal stableRamachandran, Kavil
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