OtherRamachandran, Kavil. "From Jugaad to Systematic Innovation – The challenge for India by Rishikesha Krishnan", Vikalpa , 2010Read Abstract >Close >This review describes how the book encapsulates global technology innovation scenario and India's relative position. The author explains how contextual factors gave birth to 'jugaad (corrective improvisation) innovation' in India. The review suggests that the author's main argument is that inspite of growing competition and enhanced efforts on part of the government, India's has much to progress on innovation front. The review captures the suggested action points made by the author for improving innovation in India.

OtherRamachandran, Kavil. "Winning In Emerging Markets: A Road Map For Strategy And Execution by T.Khanna and K.Palepu", The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 2010Read Abstract >Close >The book review captures the core message of the authors that understanding of socio-political and economic environment of the country is essential for business success in an emerging market. The review explains the composition of the book to the reader - starting from the introduction to emerging markets to how multinationals have performed there so far and the business risks involved. The review underscores the suggestions made by the authors on how managers need to constantly adopt innovative ways to address challenges in emerging markets.

OtherRamachandran, Kavil. "Satisfying Solution for a Compelling Need makes Sulabh an Entrepreneurial Success", Vikalpa, 2009Read Abstract >Close >Why has Sulabh captured the attention of so many people across the country and outside within a short period of time? Simply put, it offered an effective, innovative solution to a long standing frustrating problem that ordinary people faced. In other words, Bindeshwar Pathak eliminated massive levels of customer dissatisfaction like the way a mobile phone or bottled water did for the people at large. The only difference is that for Sulabh there was no commercial profit motive behind the venture. Pathak did it for the social good, as a social enterprise.

OtherRamachandran, Kavil., , . "Family and Corporate Philanthrophy : Emerging trends in India", ISB insight, 2009
OtherRamachandran, Kavil. "A Vision for Prosperity", ISB insight, 2008
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