Upcoming casesRamachandran, Kavil, Bhatnagar, Navneet. "Commotion at Star Products", 2014Read Description >Close >Star Products, a family managed engineering business setup in 1950 is facing serious challenges in 2013 on governance and professionalization fronts. The business had grown over the years but continued operating in traditional manner. Kamal, the eldest next generation member, drove a major change process in 2006. Since then, the company had revamped the supply chain, productivity improvements, restructuring product mix, new product development and market expansion. These changes had positive effects on business, which saw tremendous growth. However, the family members involved in the business failed to redefine their roles as they could not anticipate the challenges of this transition. The unhealthy state of business and family governance has led to differences in the family. One of the next generation sibling, Ajit threatens to walk out with his share of business and the family is looking at options to deal with the situation.

Upcoming casesRamachandran, Kavil,  Calabro, Andrea. "The Merck Family"Read Description >Close >

The oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world, Merck was founded in 1668. Still run as a business partnership with the shareholder community of 100 family members, Merck was criticized for complexity in the functioning of its 70 divisions and international growth added cost to the corporation[1]. Due to complex management structures that caused a drain on the company’s financial resources, Merck decided to streamline its governance structures and incorporate itself as an Association limited by shares, floating 25% of its capital in stock exchange.

The case studies the Merck Family, their involvement in business, the various practices they have established for a smooth running. While the company has launched its “Fit for 2018” campaign to streamline processes and improve productivity and profitability, the company faces a number of challenges in execution.

Upcoming casesSankaran, Manikutty.,Ramachandran, Kavil. "Aravind Eyecare System: Retaining The Legacy"
Upcoming casesRamachandran, Kavil.,Bhatnagar, Navneet. "Touchdown Footwear on Slippery Slope"Read Description >Close >This case is based on the professionalization and governance challenges faced by Touchdown Footwear Limited (TFL) – an Indian mid-sized footwear manufacturing family business. It was setup in 1965 by three brothers, Ramnath, Krishna and Ganesh Pai who had inherited their father’s rubber trading business. In the early years, the three brothers managed all functions. Though the business grew over the years, the firm but lacked proper structure, systems and processes. Ad-hoc decision-making, inefficiencies and wastages were evident all across. Vivek, the next generation member who manages the firm's finances realizes the need for a transitional change on multiple fronts but is unclear about roadmap to make the business sustainable.