Who Can Attend?


“Healthcare organisations are complex and dynamic, requiring many highly specialised disciplines to work together seamlessly. Considering the size and complexity of healthcare organisations and the exceptional rate at which the industry is growing, the need for professionals with leadership and multidisciplinary management skills is overwhelming. The challenge is to train the present cadre of mid-level professionals to be effective managers and leaders, who deal with complex situations and provide effective patient and service outcomes. This entails imbibing business management skills, quantitative skills, an understanding of interpersonal relationships and the nuances of healthcare protocol. Today, healthcare is the most exciting sector, positions mid-senior level onwards challenge the spirit - they are very demanding, offer great growth and help you to make a difference in the lives of others.
Ashish Bhatia
Executive Vice-President and Regional Director, North
Fortis Hospitals Limited

Considering that the healthcare sector is a sunrise industry, future leaders will not only have to come from within the sector, but also from allied and similar industries. You could be from any of the below sector, or a general management professional -

  • Hospitals
  • Hospital Chains
  • Clinic Chains
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Devises
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Trials
  • Healthcare Consultants
  • Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Participant Profile

You could be a professional or doctor with the below work experience

  • A Manager / Senior Manager / Deputy General Manager or above executive, who has worked exclusively in a healthcare services delivery organization like a hospital or a clinic or a medical diagnostics business, albeit in one function, and you are looking to have a broader, business-oriented role in the near term. Typically you are working in Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Operations, Administration, Customer Care, Quality, Finance or Human Resources.
  • A mid-career professional from the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical diagnostics, clinical research or medical insurance industry who has worked with doctors and/or healthcare organization, and would like to make a career shift to the healthcare services delivery industry.
  • A mid-career professional from any industry who has spent at least one year in healthcare or allied industries.

  • A doctor who is looking to pursue a career in management

Entrepreneur and Management Consultant
  • A first or second generation entrepreneur / doctor-owner / promoter of a hospital or a clinic, who is looking to bring in professional management principles into running of his/her business, and/or are looking to expand your business.
  • A management consultant who is looking for in-depth understanding of managing and running of healthcare services delivery organizations.