Economics and Public PolicyDo food subsidies improve food security: Evidence from India’s public distribution systemJune 16, 2017 | Fri | 15:00By InvitationAuthors examine the impact of PDS on food security using ICRISAT’s panel data from 30 villages across India during 2010-2015. READ MORE
MarketingDoes Vocabulary Inform Firm Performance: The “Extended” LDA ApproachMay 12, 2017 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThe authors assess the extended LDA model’s topic interpretation and topic recovery performance. READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyThe Human Capital Legacy of a Trade EmbargoApril 21, 2017 | Fri | 15:00For ISB CommunityThe seminar discusses the effects of in-utero exposure to a trade embargo on survival and human capital in an import-dependent developing country. READ MORE
FinanceDo ETFS Increase the Commonality in Liquidity of Underlying Stocks?March 08, 2017 | Wed | 15:30Open to PublicThis seminar examines the impact of ETF ownership on the commonality in liquidity of the stocks held by ETFs. READ MORE
FinanceEphemeral Experiences, Long Lived Impact : Disasters and Portfolio ChoiceFebruary 16, 2017 | Thu | 11:00Open to PublicThis seminar investigates whether individual experiences of natural disasters affect portfolio choice. READ MORE
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