The programme will be taught by ISB faculty and practitioner experts. The upcoming workshop will be taught by:
Prof. Snehal Awate
Assistant Professor Strategy, ISB Prof. Awate is doing research in Emerging Market Studies and has keen interests in innovation by emerging economy multinationals in newly emerging industries. Know More
Dr. Tamal Sarkar
Director, Foundation for SME Clusters Dr Sarkar is a D. Phil in the Economics of Cluster Development and has around 24 years of experience in industrial development, with special reference to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in clusters both in India as well as various other developed and developing countries.
Mr. Raghu Ramachandran
Founding Partner, 13 Colony Global, LLC Raghu is an accomplished Senior Supply Chain executive with more than thirty years’ experience in developing and implementing new ideas, enabling Customers streamline their operations, and grow top line revenue.