Professor Sumit Kunnumkal
Academic Director, MIGM Professor Sumit Kunnumkal holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Cornell University. Currently an Associate Professor in the Operations Management area at the ISB, he teaches the core MBA course on Decision Models and Optimisation and an elective on Service Operations. Professor Kunnumkal can be contacted at:
Sukhmeet Singh
Associate Director, MIGM Sukhmeet is an alumnus of ISB. He handles the following themes: Agro-business, Small Business Growth initiative, Entrepreneurship, and IT as a enabler for SME's. He can be contacted at
Col. Rajiv Bhargava
Associate Director, MIGM Rajiv is an alumnus of ISB. He handles the following themes: Aerospace and Defence, Renewable Energy and Product Design and automation. He can be contacted at
Rinki Sikka
Associate, MIGM Rinki is currently managing the Management Programme in Manufacturing and Operations and the administrative work of the MIGM. She can be contacted at
Gaurav Tyagi
Teaching Assistant cum Analyst ,MIGM
Gaurav Tyagi is a mechanical engineer with MBA having more than 6 years of experience in analytical consulting and academics. He is an amateur mathematician who loves to play guitar and sing. He can be contacted at