The Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP) will provide innovative approaches to engineering education by providing the opportunity for students to take design and enterprise related modules. The knowledge and skills required in this process has sound educational merit. However, while these skills have obvious applications in the new venture creation process, they are equally valuable within organisations across sectors.

Technology Entrepreneurship education not only provides concepts but also ensures that students develop an entrepreneurial mindset, through developing entrepreneurial skills, behaviour’s and attitudes equipping them with the key competencies to enable them to enjoy an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial career or engage in new venture creation. This can only be achieved through student-centered teaching and learning on a “how-to” basis through activities pertaining to problem-solving, team work, experimentation and “pursuing opportunities”. It is also critical to incorporate real-world and problem-based learning into entrepreneurial education.

TEP will be offered as an elective to the 3rd and 4th year of engineering students and will deliver the business education through technology platform and guide students through the process of product, engineering design and prototyping with the support of engineering faculty and business mentors. An combination of the learning combined with an experiential environment will ensure an enriching student experience.

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