ISB Big Leap Summit The Bengaluru EditionAugust 22, 2015 | SatOpen to PublicThe ISB Big Leap Summit is an opportunity for SMEs to connect and discuss on how to accelerate growth for their businesses. READ MORE
ISB - POMS Workshop 2014December 22-23, 2014By InvitationThe 2nd ISB - POMS workshop will showcase cutting edge academic research in the area of “Socially Responsible Operations and Supply Chains”. READ MORE
Innovate by DesignAugust 09, 2013 | Fri | 10:00For ISB CommunityA one day workshop on product design titled ‘Discover the Inner Designer in You’ was conducted at Mohali Campus. WHAT HAPPENED AT THIS EVENT
Workshop on Intricacies of Supply Chain ManagementJune 28, 2013 | Fri | 10:30AS I LT : SomapuraBy InvitationMIGM is hosting a workshop on "Intricacies of Supply Chain Management" at ISB Campus at Mohali. WHAT HAPPENED AT THIS EVENT
Automation and Robotics Workshop by Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing March 15, 2013 | Fri | 09:15Open to PublicAutomation and robotics are the future of manufacturing and it is very important for managers, decision makers and leaders WHAT HAPPENED AT THIS EVENT
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