Team Hyderabad
Sooraj Samson

A musician for over 16 years, Sooraj has been a part of several bands as both a keyboardist and a bassist. He is also a co-founder and contributing artist at an upcoming music production house, 3Note Productions. With influences ranging from piano-centric musicians like Yanni and Ludovico Einaudi, to heavier acts like Breaking Benjamin and Periphery, he brings a diverse set of music styles to the table and helps bring out the best in the music community on campus.

Laksh Balasubramaniam
Vice President

A mini prodigy himself, Laksh is a jack of all trades and fits well anywhere you put him, be it as a vocalist, a guitarist, a drummer, and even as a brilliant tabla player. As a former lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Shadjaw, he is no stranger to the big stage, and is a seasoned musician with over 17 years of experience with music.