Pehchan Yatra

Pehchan Yatra

We invite ambitious and courageous women who like to take on challenges head-on, for a journey, which we are calling the ‘Pehchan Yatra’. 

Pehchan Yatra is a sojourn of self-discovery for young girls who will be chosen to be part of it. This self-discovery will set the tone for dreaming big, fulfilling dreams and helping others dream bigger by breaking the shackles of negative and pessimistic mind traps.

The trip combines, self-discovery with learning from women who have seen struggles, hurdles, biases and have still managed to succeed. We will focus on women entrepreneurs (both mainstream and social enterprises), women who lead the brigade in administration, third sector and defense.

A three-day, two nights bus journey across Amritsar, Jalandhar and Ludhiana will give you an opportunity to meet some celebrated women who are made of grit, courage and resilience. You will get a chance to meet these women up close in their actual work settings and gain insights to their journey.

We are inviting girls between 18 to 25 years of age who are full time students to hop on with us on this bus and take the first step towards turning their dreams into reality.

The selected applicants will be required to pay a fee of INR 3000 to confirm their participation for the trip.
If the idea of taking this journey with us excites you or you would like to know more about it, please fill the form below: