Team - Hyderabad
Divya Upendra
President Divya stumbled upon the idea of hosting radio shows while on campus. Now she only heeds to the call "RJ" and not "Strategy Consultant". Having previously hosted at Corporate events, the Radio was a perfect platform to extend her skills and spread news and communications to the larger student body at campus. Divya is also an amateur singer, former cricket captain, and a public policy enthusiast. She has worked for 5 years as a Strategy Consultant with Capgemini Consulting.
Team - Mohali
Srinivasan Gopalakrishnan
Gopalakrishnan is an Electrical Engineer from Manipal University with about 2 and half years of Power and Automation experience at ABB India. He has worked on Protection of Power grid equipment with clients in the entire spectrum of the Power delivery business – ranging from Generation, to Transmission to Distribution. He has also solved Electrical Automation problems of firms belonging to many sectors - Petrochemical, Metals, Technology etc., He has fun indulging in heavy metal music, fantasy fiction books, gangster movies and learning new languages. He believes in ISB Radio and its power to entertain people and relieve them of the stress that an intense 1-year PGP program at ISB can bring.
Sidhart Pai
Vice President
Shidhart Pai, known as Sid Pai has worked with Caterpillar Inc. and Infosys Technologies Limited. He also holds an M.S, Industrial and Systems Engineering from University of Minnesota.

Our Mentor
Govind Diwakar
Mentor Govind was a software engineer with Tata Consultancy Services.  He is a technocrat who loves experimenting with new ideas and stretching technology. The cross campus radio streaming system was product of one of these experiments.  A staunch believer in distance is no barrier, he seeks new opportunities to stretch technology and bring the ISB community closer together.