To engage in rigorous and relevant research that will lead to a better understanding of how computing, data and networking technologies interact and create value for business and society


The Srini Raju Centre for Information Technology and the Networked Economy (SRITNE) was launched in July 2006. The centre encourages innovative thinking for maximising the benefit of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to business and society. It fosters ICT centric inter-disciplinary research, education, and outreach that:

  • Shows firms how to get business value and competitive advantage out of IT investments 
  • Develops global best practices and enhances the competitiveness of the Indian IT/ITeS industry 
  • Focuses on how ICT can help towards enhanced firm productivity and economic development
  • Examine the role and impact of technology in fostering new types of competitive phenomena

SRITNE promotes analytical, empirical and field experiment oriented partnerships between researchers and industry. We provide a platform for meaningful collaboration between the global Information Systems (IS) research community and the burgeoning, global-scoped Indian IT/ITeS industry.