Executive Director's Message

It’s an exciting time for technology. Technological trends such as big data analytics, digitization, on demand infrastructure and an increasingly networked economy are catalysing change in diverse industries ranging from consumer goods to banking and financial services to the IT industry. SRITNE’s efforts in research, education and outreach are aligned with these trends shaping the production and consumption of technology. The center enables interaction between business leaders, students, ISB faculty, and the academic community at large, and provides an important opportunity for these stakeholders to co-create value in a rapidly changing business context.

A key premise of SRITNE is that IT improves a range of performance outcomes - firm productivity and innovation, customer satisfaction, market efficiency, societal welfare, and the effectiveness of government policies. On the one hand, IT enables value creation through innovation in products, processes and business models. On the other hand, IT is also the bedrock on which business value is created through improved process efficiency and new information capabilities that are an outcome of greater information visibility and quality in the value chain. Rigorous interdisciplinary research efforts at SRITNE are focused on understanding and predicting this multifaceted role that IT plays in today’s networked economy. We focus on not just the technology but also the complements that are critical to technology’s success. More details on the specific research areas that SRITNE focuses on are available in the “Areas of Interest” section of this website.

Last year, we implemented a multi-pronged research partnership with Deloitte Consulting to develop a maturity model for captive centers in India as well as to understand how firms can effectively value technology-enabled business transformation. We also implemented several high quality events such as the annual ISB Digital Summit, the ISB Service Science Workshop, and the Open Data Camp. Our outreach activity is also reflected in our contributions to the ISB Insight magazine that is a premier knowledge outlet to disseminate insights from cutting edge research to the world at large. Our contributions to technology education are encapsulated in (Certificate in Business Analytics programme and ISB Mobile App workshop and Hackathon). We expect to solidify these initiatives in the coming year, and continue to offer an open environment for global researchers to collaborate with the ISB faculty.

Research centers owe their vibrancy and value to the people who are at the heart of their work. We thank Prof. Ravi Bapna, Prof. Galit Shmueli and Profr. Amit Mehra for their past contributions, including the energy and passion that they brought to the forefront of the center’s efforts. We also acknowledge the diverse faculty body that is engaged with various areas of research in SRITNE. Again, you can find out more information about the various faculty affiliated with our areas of research interest on the “Areas of Interest” section of this website.

We hope that you will find value in SRITNE’s research showcased on this site, and will join hands with us to help further our agenda of creating new and useful knowledge for businesses and society.
Deepa Mani