Advanced Analytics Lab


The Advanced Analytics Lab at ISB will work with organisations experimenting with cutting-edge technology to foster research that creates value for business, society and individuals. Advanced analytics will help to create new growth opportunities and give rise to an entirely new category of companies, that aggregate and analyse industry data. The Lab will also play a critical role in capacity building and developing use cases for application, where the breadth and depth of the methodologies explored will take the user through various phases of data-driven solutions. In partnership with companies, the Lab will conduct research in various domains including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce and human resources; promote a dialogue with industry on the application and value of analytics; and conduct activities that lead to capacity building.
For example, in the HR domain, although many organisations collect employee performance data through complex tools such as the 360 Degree Feedback system, they rarely look at the data beyond the perspective of the individual. This data, when explored collectively, can yield important insights about workforce productivity and performance, and help identify suitable training programmes, predict future performance and attrition, identify potential employees for promotion or leadership roles, and so on. Broadly, the Lab’s work may involve, but will not necessarily be limited to, e-commerce analytics, supply chain analytics, healthcare analytics and HR analytics. The Lab would curate data from open and online sources which will help facilitate research. It may also invite fellows and faculty from other institutes to collaborate on research from time to time. The Lab’s outreach activities will be concentrated in a single, high-impact event such as a conference and two workshops.
To know more about the Advanced Analytics Lab and how you can support us please get in touch with us at our contact details mentioned on this page