Big Leap Club

The Big Leap Club (BLC) is an initiative by the Indian School of Business (ISB) to provide SMEs with a platform to take the industry-academia interface to the next level. By offering the participating SMEs valuable exposure to the finest brains in the domain, BLC will ensure that its members are introduced to ideas for innovating and capacity building and have access to global best practices and cutting-edge tools to achieve growth and scale. This is a unique opportunity to provide knowledge that will enable SMEs to assume a greater role in India’s growth story - one that supports the nationwide call to “Come Make in India.” BLC was launched on September 6, 2014 with Madhav Lal, Secretary, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MoMSME), Government of India, present on the occasion, and it has been assured the full support of the Ministry. BLC will recognise and represent the aspirations of Indian SMEs and provide them with the knowledge-based tools and means to achieve them.

Over the coming years, BLC will have a direct impact on SMEs in India by fostering innovation, enhancing productivity and promoting a global outlook towards adopting best practices. BLC will improve manufacturing in India through the empowerment of SMEs in all spheres of activities. It will utilise the convening power and capacity building expertise of ISB to engage with BLC members and create an enabling platform that will bring together key stakeholders, specifically, industry, government and academia, to explore and promote areas of focus for SME empowerment. BLC will enable shared learning through networking, activate and facilitate connections and interactions among its members, and study new trends that might impact its members.
To know more about the Big Leap Club and how you can support us please get in touch with us at our contact details mentioned on this page