The curriculum focuses on practical skills for scaling and growing businesses. It will cover topics such as growth strategies, business model innovation, operational leadership through leveraging technology, building the second line of leadership, pricing for new markets and financing options for growth.
Module 1
Day 1: (Half Day) - Welcome - Mega Trends
Day 2 - Growth Strategies
Day 3 - Financing Strategies
Day 4 - Marketing and Pricing
Day 5 - Business Analytics
Module 2

Module 2 has been designed to ensure that the knowledge gained in Module 1 is being used for solving your organisational problems. The curriculum has been customised to address the practical problems of your business enterprise. This action learning project will be the major takeaway from this module.

Day 1 - Building Organisational Capabilities
Day 2 - Building Personal Capabilities
Day 3 (Half day)- Project Discussion