Philip C Zerrillo
Professor of Marketing (Practice) and Executive Director, Centre for Management Practice, Singapore Management University Dr Philip Zerrillo is the Executive Director of the Center of Management Practice and has begun the university’s case writing initiative. He is also the academic director of the Ph.D. in General Management and is the Editor in Chief of Asian Management Insights.

He began his academic career at The University of Texas at Austin, and was a faculty member in the marketing department, as well as the Graduate Dean and the Dean of Executive Education. In addition to his administrative roles, Dr Zerrillo has written and taught extensively in areas of distribution channels, brand management, strategy, and counterfeiting and its effects on brands and brand valuation. He has held faculty positions or taught courses at the Kelllogg Graduate School of Management, Hebrew University (Jerusalem), Thammasat University (Bangkok), IMADEC University (Vienna), The Smith College of Business (University of Maryland), Owen School of Business (Vanderbilt), Sun Yat Sen University (Guanzhou), and Guido Luiss Carli School of Business (Roma). Dr. Zerrillo currently holds the honorary “Dr. Benvenido Tontoco Chair in Retailing” at Jose Rizal University (Manila) and sits on the board of directors for Thammasat University College of Commerce (Thailand).  Know More
Dr. Havovi Joshi
Head of Communications and Dissemination, Centre for Management Practice at Singapore Management University (SMU)
Havovi Joshi is an award-winning business author and Head of Communications and Dissemination at the Centre for Management Practice at Singapore Management University (SMU). She is the editor of Asian Management Insights, and has served as a chief collaborator and editor on several book projects. Considered an authority on case writing, Havovi has published over 60 case studies and led numerous professional development workshops on case writing and teaching.

Havovi’s knowledge and understanding of business practice is backed by more than 15 years’ experience in international banking, internal auditing, and consulting services in India, Australia, and Mauritius. 

In 2008, she transitioned into academia when she joined the Asia Case Research Centre at the University of Hong Kong. In 2012, she relocated to Singapore where she helped establish the Centre for Management Practice (CMP) at SMU. The role of CMP is to promote two-way learning between academia and business through research, case studies and management articles; and also support inter-disciplinary and hands-on learning for new knowledge to be anchored firmly into the foundation of effective practice. 
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