Philip C Zerrillo
Dr Philip Zerrillo is Professor (Practice) in the area of Marketing Strategy and the Deputy Dean—Corporate and International relations at the Indian School of Business. 

Dr Zerrillo began his academic career at The University of Texas at Austin, and was a faculty member in the marketing department, as well as the Graduate Dean and the Dean of Executive Education. In addition to his administrative roles, Dr Zerrillo has written and taught extensively in areas of distribution channels, brand management, strategy, and counterfeiting and its effects on brands and brand valuation. An authority on the case method of teaching, Dr. Zerillo has conducted numerous workshops on case writing and teaching at business schools across South East Asia. He has authored and published several cases and also written a book on effective case teaching titled "The Case for Cases: Teaching with Cases.  He has held faculty positions or taught courses at the Kelllogg Graduate School of Management, Hebrew University (Jerusalem), Thammasat University (Bangkok), IMADEC University (Vienna), The Smith College of Business (University of Maryland), Owen School of Business (Vanderbilt), Sun Yat Sen University (Guanzhou), and Guido Luiss Carli School of Business (Roma). Dr. Zerrillo currently holds the honorary “Dr. Benvenido Tontoco Chair in Retailing” at Jose Rizal University (Manila) and sits on the board of directors for Thammasat University College of Commerce (Thailand). 
Geetika Shah
Geetika Shah is Associate Director - Content Development and Training at the Centre for Learning, and Management Practice at ISB.

Geetika manages the case development and publishing efforts at the Centre. Leading and managing the Centre’s team of in-house and freelance writers, she helps in case development and preparing teaching materials that support the pedagogical and knowledge-creation objectives of the school. Working closely with faculty across disciplines at ISB, she has co-authored 25+cases which are at various stages of developing and publishing. Two of her cases were winners at international competitions - European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Case Writing Competition 2015 and Oikos Case Writing Competition 2016. Some of her published cases are available on Harvard Publishing and Ivey Publishing.  She has reviewed more than 150 cases and provided mentoring support and detailed feedback for improvement to several case authors. With her ample case development experience, Geetika conducts training workshops and webinars on case writing for Indian B-school faculty.