Build Your Digital Future

Emerging technologies and digital business models are fundamentally transforming how firms compete with one another. Traditional boundaries and value networks of firms are getting disrupted at a rapid pace, forcing organisations to rethink strategies not just for business growth and competitive advantage, but also for survival. It is imperative for the leaders to understand and effectively leverage appropriate digital technologies to transform their business strategies and models, lead their organisations to new paradigms of data-driven analytical insights and customer-focused innovation, and acquire the ability to continually learn, armed with lessons and innovative trends from around the world.

To help meet these different and dynamic leadership requirements of growing competition in the digital age, ISB has launched a 6-month highly differentiated, immersive, multi-module blended learning programme.
Programme Details


Start Date:                          Fees:                                     Duration: 

Aug 3, 2018                                 INR 5,00,000 plus taxes               6 months                                                                                                                        


Digital Bootcamp                                               Core Modules 

12 hours of online learning                                                 Aug 20 - 24, 2018


Functional Electives                                          Capstone Project 
Digital Marketing - Oct 10-12, 2018                                 Aug 2018 - Feb 2019
Digital Supply Chain - Jan 7-9, 2019
Leveraging Fintech - Feb 1-3, 2019