Programme Overview

The programme focuses on empowering business leaders with an understanding of how digital is changing the rules of competition, disrupting traditional industry incumbents, and transforming products, services, business models and business functions.

Programme Objectives

  • Understand how new technologies and business models are disrupting incumbent industries and transforming traditional business functions such as R&D, supply chain management, and marketing
  • Understand the new-age capabilities required of firms including identifying unmet customer needs, creating an ecosystem of partnerships, and amplifying in-house digital talent
  • Learn to assess the unique value and risks associated with your corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformations
Programme Features

Cutting-edge Content and PedagogyExperiential LearningCredential and Formal Recognition
The programme will draw on cutting-edge faculty research on digitisation, as well as diverse teaching methods that include case studies, round-table discussions and design thinking workshops to design your firm’s digital roadmap.Hands-on exercises, targeted workshops and an integrated capstone project that helps develop an understanding of practical challenges in Digital Transformation and your personal strategic roadmaps.Participants who successfully attend all sessions of the programme, and complete the necessary requirements across the individual phases of the overall programme, will be given an ISB certification of Digital Excellence.