Can I take functional electives independently? If so, how many electives can I take?
You can take one or more functional electives. The price indicated here allows for choosing one functional elective only. However you can pay and choose other functional electives as well based on your interests. You can learn more about the electives here.
Who does this program suit the most?
This module is designed for executives and teams in mid to senior-level management. Indeed, for maximum impact, we recommend you join as a team of colleagues wherever possible. Program participants are typically engaged in diverse functions across varied sectors.
Does the curriculum content have international exposure?
This program is taught by renowned ISB resident and visiting faculty who have extensive international experience in researching and working with global organizations and bring in best-in-class examples and pertinent case studies.
Is financial aid available?
No, there is no financial aid available for this program
Will I get a refund if I enroll and choose to not join the program for any reasons?
Please refer to the cancellation policy here (at end of the Application Form).
What is the time commitment required to complete this program?
Each of the components of this program are designed to allow flexibility and focus for the participants. The Digital Bootcamp is completely online and has 12 hours of learning content. The Core Module is a fully-residential 5-day in-person learning experience while each of the functional electives require a 3-day commitment to be in-person at ISB Hyderabad campus. The Capstone Project starts with in-person simulation during the Core Module, continues through virtual touchpoints with faculty and concludes with an in-person final presentation. The total time commitment for the Capstone Project would be around 16 hours.
Is there any placement-based assistance at the end of the program?
No, there is no placement-based assistance for this program.
Will I get ISB Alumni status at the end of this program?
You will be a part of ISB CEE alumni network after successful completing all the components of the Leading Digital Business Transformation and Innovation program.