Core Module

Chart your Future in the Digital Economy


The core module builds on the participants’ understanding of the business value of emerging technologies (Digital Bootcamp), and empowers them with the ability to effectively lead the digital transformation of their firms or business units. This 5-day module will be effected through a combination of in-person faculty sessions, collaborative industry workshops, and networking meet-ups with the start-up ecosystem. Learnings will happen across the following themes:

  • Know your Competition: Learn about the business models and principles of digital giants and entrepreneurs and the constraints that act on your organization in responding to these new competitors in the digital economy
  • Reinvent your Strategy: Shift from industrial age ideas to craft data-driven strategies and experimental organizations for the digital economy 
  • Redesign your Products and Services: Embrace design science principles to move downstream and create products and services that are empathetic to customer needs
  • Create an Agile Ecosystem: Orchestrate and participate in various ecosystems that are critical to the digital economy
  • Lead into the Future: Gain insights into assessing the risks and value of digital transformation and key leadership principles that will help you manage complexity and navigate through the change associated with digital transformation


Start Date:                      Duration:                   Delivery Medium:
Aug 24, 2019                              5 days                                   In-Class