Ideas for India - 2020 and Beyond
As the India we know gears up to become the next superpower, its social fabric is catching up to the changes brought about by the economic development. In context of this, all aspects of the society will adapt and evolve as India grows. At this point, it is important for us as citizens to define and discuss where we see our country moving from here.
ISB and its flagship program is a representation of the best young minds in the country and we believe now is better than ever before to discuss how the youth perceives where India is headed from here. The conclave aims to help view the different aspects of the Indian society and how they can evolve going forward. We will view policy through multiple lenses and address opportunities and challenges that lie in each domain.
Youth in Politics
Currently, India’s strongest pillar is its demographic dividend which is driven by the youth. Over 50% of India’s population is under the age of 35 and forms a large proportion of the voter base. In the past few years we have seen the new age votes demand a change in politics and drastically change the power dynamics in the country. The youth of India no longer accepts the status quo of politics and demands results. In this context we need young leaders to come in and change the face of politics. Thus it is essential in a dialogue for progress to understand how young leaders will grow and evolve into the political scenario of our country.

Responsible film-making, media and entertainment
The entertainment industry has always had a very strong influence on popular culture that emerges in our country. It is able to influence and drive opinions and attitudes of the majority of the population. Time and again it has been used to positively bring about change and should be provided with the necessary backing. At the same time we need to understand and recognize it can motivate change that can have detrimental effects. Hence it becomes essential to understand how policies and politics can aid the entertainment industry.

Economics, Banking and Finance
Given that India is a developing country, economic growth becomes a priority. Without a strong economy and banking sector it will not be possible to accelerate growth for the country. Currently, we’re experiencing a slowdown across the globe which makes this a pressing concern which needs to be addressed before long term consequences are inevitable. Hence, it is essential in a dialogue for progress.

Civil Service Administration and Police Reforms
The administration and police forms the backbone of our country. The ensure that the necessary apparatus is in place for our lives to function smoothly. Their functioning impacts the lives of each and every citizen of our country. Additionally, they also employ a large number of people. Thus, the reform in this sector becomes an essential part of any dialogue for progress.