How SMEs can effectively emerge from the lockdown by leveraging digital technologies 

Giri Kumar Tayi talks about maintaining social distancing, building trust and confidence will need to be achieved by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a post-COVID era by embracing digital technologies. SMEs can design contact-less operations and streamline customer-facing activities using Digital Technologies. Giri is a Faculty, Information Systems and Business Analytics Area at State University of New York at Albany and also a Visiting Faculty at Indian School of Business.


Sustaining B2B sales & Marketing Momentum


Madhu Viswanathan talks about newer tools of engagement in order to promote client engagement. He further states that market uncertainties will lead to shorter contracts with lower value, and he advises sales teams to adopt a wait-and-watch approach. While digitization of sales & B2B channels will accelerate, he says that sales training and customer interactions are the most opportune areas for sales teams. Madhu is a Faculty, Marketing area at Indian School of Business.


ICT Investments: Today & Tomorrow

Abhishek Kathuria touches upon the three critical capabilities of firms to transition during lockdown: strategic foresight, cold start capability and operational agility. While strategic foresight requires business flexibility, cold start capability requires resource awareness and the associated enterprise mining tools. Situational awareness defines operational agility to uncover, communicate and exploit opportunities. Abhishek is a Faculty, Information Systems area at Indian School of Business.


Bridging the Digital Divide

Rishikesh Patankar of CSC Academy talks about the active role played by Village-Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) and the Common Service Centres (CSCs) during COVID-19 lockdown. He also talks about the various up-skilling efforts undertaken by CSC Academy during the lockdown. Rishikesh is the COO - Education, Skill & CSC Academy, CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.