Leading & Adapting During Crisis


It is expected to be a changed world after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, however these are still uncertain times for everyone. Challenging times like these allow for business leaders to rise to the occasion.

Leaders will need to redefine the vision during and after crisis, manage their teams and their work-life adjustments, ensure productivity, learning and collaboration, communicate with stakeholders effectively, or take difficult decisions if required.

We aim to present insights from our research findings, surveys, publications and insights from academicians and industry leaders.


Faculty Insights: Beingful in times of crisis

Ram Nidumolu, Clinical Faculty, Organisation Behavior area at ISB, points out that the COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to change the way we work and for organizations to balance the interests of all stakeholders. While teams come together for a shared purpose, individuals develop self-leadership. Self-awareness, empathy and self-regulation leads to Beingful Leadership.