About the Event

About GST:  
The Goods and Service Tax (GST) has taken a long time in coming,  but is a potential game changer for the country.  This  comprehensive indirect tax system will subsume a host of existing indirect taxes  and  streamline the tax processes to make India a one big business place. 
Interestingly ,the secret sauce in this mysterious recipe is  compliance !  Like in the case of Amazon or Uber, the  more  compliant a company is, the better is its rating with its client and more successful is its  business.  Working as a  self-monitoring mechanism,  GST will match the invoice between supplier and recipient of goods and services. As brought out in an article of Economic Times, 'this results in a change of relationship between supplier and recipient from 'customer-cum-emotional relationship to compliance relationship'. 
 However all is not rosy and especially for small businesses, knowledge would be pre-cursor to success. The biggest  hurdle in implementation of GST is likely to be  the clear understanding of compliance, matching of  invoices and  input tax credits. Only then will the self monitoring mechanism work.
Why should you attend?
In most sessions of GST, while the audience is  small business owners,  content is often more suitable for their accountants!
This workshop utilises  role play model to drive home salient points in a most simplistic manner. The small business owner will understand the concept behind GST and will be in good position to  direct their accountants.
Please do plan to attend.
At the end of the session, you will be able to answer the following key questions:
On imposition of GST;
1. What happens to my stock?
2. What happens to my returns?
3. How do I pay my taxes?
4. How to obtain input tax credits?